Grouts & Anchors Iteams


Joint Sealants




Civil Engineering Sealants

Thioflex 600 

Two part polysulphide sealant

Nitoseal MS600 

One part civil engineering sealant

Nitoseal HP40

One part, PU based Building & Expansion Joint Sealan

Building Sealants

Nitoseal MS60 

One part, general purpose building sealant


Flexible acrylic sealant for interior gaps and cracks

Pavement Sealants

Colpor 200

Heavy duty pavement sealant

Colpor 200PF 

Cold applied, high performance, fuel resistant, pitch and pitchfree        polyurethane sealant

Nitoseal 280

Heavy duty epoxy urethane joint sealant

Nitoseal MS300 

One part, tough, flexible and abrasion resistant floor joint sealant

Joint Polyethylene board & Back up rod


Closed cell polyethylene joint sealant backup cord

Hydrocell XL

High performance, cross linked, closed cell, non-absorbant, polyethylene joint filler

Expansion joint membrane

Expoband One

Flexible expansion joint membrane

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