Repairs Material Iteams


Concrete Repairs




Cement based repair mortar and concrete

Renderoc HB2

Light weight polymer modified cementitious repair mortar

Renderoc RSXtra

Rapid setting repair concrete

Renderoc Plug

Rapid setting cement based water leak plugging mortar

Renderoc RG

General purpose non shrink, high strength cementitious microconcrete

Renderoc CS

cementitious, crack sealer for plaster, masonry and concrete

Renderoc S2

Polymer modified structural grade repair mortar

Renderoc FC

Single component polymer modified cementitious pinhole filler

Renderoc RG Spl

General purpose, non-shrink, cementitious micro-concrete

Renderoc UW

Antiwashout, nonshrink, high strength cementitious micro concrete for underwater repairs


Cementitious repair system for concrete floors


Fast setting concrete patching compound

Renderoc Putty

Cement based polymer rich putty for wall and ceiling

Epoxy resin based grout for crack injection

Nitofill EPLV

Low viscous epoxy injection resin grout

Epoxy based repair mortar and Concrete

Expocrete EC

High strength epoxy concrete

Expocrete EUW

High strength underwater epoxy concrete

Nitomortar 30

High build epoxy based repair mortar

Nitomortar S

High performance epoxy resin based mortar

Nitocote putty

High quality ready to-use putty

Nitomortar FC

Epoxy resin fairing coat

Polyester resin mortar and concrete

Nitomortar PE

Polyester resin jointing and repair compound

PU base grout for crack injection

Nitofill UR 63

Solvent free, two part polyurethane resin for sealing cracks

Nitofill WS 60

Rapid foaming and setting resin for stopping flow of water

Reinforcement protection primer

NNitozinc Primer

Two component epoxy zincrich primer

Fibre & Plates for strengthening

Nitowrap EP(CF)

High performance high strength, carbon fibre system for structural strengthening

Nitowrap EP(GF)

High performance high strength, glass fibre system for structural strengthening

Nitowrap CFP

High performance, high strength, corrosion resistant pultruded Carbon fibre plates

Nitowrap UW

High performance glass fibre system for underwater strengthening & retrofitting

Nitowrap 40

Thixotropic epoxy adhesive for carbon fibre plates

Nitowrap UR512

component aliphatic polyurethane protective coating

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