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The journey of SS Corporation since 1972.

Dive into our worldwide collaborations from Europe, the USA, Japan, and more. Discover how global connections empower SS Corporation.

Delivering unparalleled services and products in the rail and industrial sectors for decades.

Railways Signalling Equipment/Projects.

Power and Distribution Equipments/Projects.

Track Machinery & related Equipment.

Special Wire Cables

Accurate testing processes

Measuring Equipments.

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Railway Carriage & Wagons/Bogies

Cranes, Crawler cranes, Jib cranes.

All industrial Tools & raw material.

Special Wire Cables including welding

Power Generation Equipment & Power Projects.

Traction Motors & rewinding Kit complete.

A leading player in the industry

Founded in 1972, SS Corporation began its journey with a vision to revolutionise the railway, power, infrastructure and industrial sectors. Over the decades, we’ve remained steadfast in our commitment, evolving with the times and always putting our clients first.

Best company ever & best service ever

Continental Reach: Delving into our operations across different continents.

Strategic Partnerships: Highlighting key collaborations that fuel our global presence.

Future Expansions: A glimpse into our plans for further global outreach.

Best product line

From Production to Delivery: A look into our seamless supply chain.

Award-winning projects

Railway Essentials: From signaling to track machinery, explore our offerings.

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Leading the way

World-class Rail Solutions Since 1972.

Railways Signalling Equipment & Projects

Power & Distribution Equipment

Track Machinery & Related Tools

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SS Corporation

SS Corporation takes pride in its robust global import and export operations, especially with regions like Europe, Japan, and the USA. Our commitment? Delivering quality, every single time.


All industrial Tools & raw material.

Electrical & Electronics/Semi-Conductors

Train Lighting Equipment.

Rectifier Regulator Control Panels

Train Lighting Equipment/ Air conditions Coaches.

International Standard Various AVR’s

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203 Zia Chamber, 2nd Floor, 25-McLeod Road, Lahore 54000, Pakistan.

+92 42 37228158
+92 42 37234251
+92 322 4037171
+92 322 4467223