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World-Class Rail Solutions

Leading the way

Bridging Continents with Quality Imports & Supplies.

We’ve expanded our horizons across continents, partnering with top-tier companies from Europe, Japan, the USA, and beyond.

Registered with the Railways Department under the prestigious Category (A), we are one of the exclusive 16 global companies honoured with this distinction.

Our diversified product range, from signaling equipment to power distribution, showcases our commitment to innovation and quality. At Z. M. Enterprises, we’re not just building tracks; we’re powering journeys and connecting futures.

World-class Rail Solutions

Quality Imports & Supplies.

Excellence in Railways/power/infrastructure

Top-Notch Global Company

Expertise supplying globally


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SS Corporation rooted in a rich legacy since 1972, has evolved into a global leader in railway solutions. Spanning from Asia to Europe and the USA, we’re proud to be among the elite in our industry.

With over four decades in the industry, SS Corporation seamlessly integrates tradition with innovation. From importing to supplying, our global network ensures world-class railway/power/infrastructure solutions.




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From the moment we began our collaboration, the team at SS Corporation showcased their commitment to excellence. Their products are top-notch, and their service is even better

Pakistan Railways

In an industry where precision and reliability are crucial, SS Corporation consistently delivers. Their innovative solutions have been a game-changer for our projects.

Pakistani Semi-Government and Industrialist Groups

Leading the way

World-class Rail Solutions Since 1972.

Railways Signalling Equipment & Projects

Power & Distribution Equipment

Track Machinery & Related Tools

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SS Corporation

SS Corporation takes pride in its robust global import and export operations, especially with regions like Europe, Japan, and the USA. Our commitment? Delivering quality, every single time.


All industrial Tools & raw material.

Electrical & Electronics/Semi-Conductors

Train Lighting Equipment.

Rectifier Regulator Control Panels

Train Lighting Equipment/ Air conditions Coaches.

International Standard Various AVR’s

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203 Zia Chamber, 2nd Floor, 25-McLeod Road, Lahore 54000, Pakistan.

+92 42 37228158
+92 42 37234251
+92 322 4037171
+92 322 4467223