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  • Railway Workshop Machinery/Equipments.
  • Power Generation/Distribution/Sub-station Equipment & Power Projects.
  • Oil & Gas.
  • Educational Training/Equipments & Projects.
  • Highways Equipment/ Projects.
  • Railways Over Head Catenaries System.
  • Sleeper Factories /Equipments/Spares & Projects.
  • Railway Carriage & Wagons/Bogies
  • Track Machinery / Equipment.
  • Special Wire Cables including welding
  • Welding Equipment & Plants for railways & Industrial.
  • Testing Equipment.
  • Measuring Equipment.
  • Rails , Turnouts, Point & Crossing.
  • Train Lighting Equipment.
  • Belts Driven Generator 3.2kw and 22kw.
  • Rectifier Regulator Control Panel for Train lighting/Air conditioned coaches
  • Electro Magnetic Signal Lever Lock & allied Railway signal items.
  • Semi-Conductors devices/Modules, Resistors etc.
  • Cranes ,Crawler cranes, Jib cranes.
  • All Insulating Material.
  • Traction Motors & rewinding Kit complete.
  • All industrial Tools & raw material.
  • Locomotive & spares.
  • Copper / Alloy’s, Steel Products.
  • Electrical & Electronics/Semi-Conductors.


  • We are importing all over the world specially Europe, Japan, USA and rest of the world exclusively / on  Commitment Basis.
  • Railways Signaling Equipment/Project/ spares.
  • Air Conditioning spares for Coaches/Bogies.
  • Electrical & Electronics/Semi-Conductors.
  • Rail track Machinery & Equipment/ spares
  • Rails, Turnouts, Points & Crossing.
  • Cranes. Crawler cranes. Jib cranes.
  • Locomotive & spares.
  • Special Wire Cables/Conductors.
  • Generators & Spares of Generating Sets.
  • Measuring Equipment.
  • Testing Equipment.
  • All industrial Tools.
  • Welding Plant for railways /Industrial products.
  • Plant & Machinery.
  • Flash Butt Welding plants.
  • Locomotive/ Coaches/Bogies, Carriage & Wagons
  • Electrical Accessories.
  • Traction Motors, Rewinding kits etc.
  • All Insulating material.
  • Raw Material and all related to Industrial /railroad.
  • Power & Generation, Distribution & Projects.


  • Rectifier Regulator Control Panels
  • Train Lighting Equipment/ Air conditions Coaches.
  • Belt Driven Generator 3.2 kw, 22 kw for A.C and Train lighting Coaches.
  • Electro Magnetic Signal Lever Lock.
  • International Standard Various AVR’s
  • And many more.

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Timely Deliveries: With our precision scheduling, expect timely deliveries and minimized disruptions.

Seamless Transactions: From customs to documentation, our team ensures a smooth and hassle-free process.

Global Logistics Mastery: Expertise in navigating international trade routes, ensuring consistent supplies even during high-demand periods.

Industry Recognition: Our excellence in railway solutions has garnered awards and accolades globally.

Protecting Your Investments: We ensure the products and equipment you trust us with are safeguarded from potential damages and environmental adversities.

Innovative Rail Solutions: In a world where the environment and technology are ever-evolving, our strategies are not just adaptive but also ahead of the curve, offering creative railway solutions.

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Railways Signalling Equipment & Projects

Power & Distribution Equipment

Track Machinery & Related Tools

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All industrial Tools & raw material.

Electrical & Electronics/Semi-Conductors

Train Lighting Equipment.

Rectifier Regulator Control Panels

Train Lighting Equipment/ Air conditions Coaches.

International Standard Various AVR’s

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203 Zia Chamber, 2nd Floor, 25-McLeod Road, Lahore 54000, Pakistan.

+92 42 37228158
+92 42 37234251
+92 322 4037171
+92 322 4467223